Jalebi 2018



Jalebi Aisha (Rhea Chkraborty) an aspiring author and an up-and-coming, self-sufficient woman hailing from Mumbai, is in Delhi in order to do research for her forthcoming book. Dev (Varun Mtra) who is the local guide, is the one she falls for. She later proposes to him and they tie the knot. Aisha discovers she is pregnant after a couple of months. Dev is extremely happy, but Aisha is a bit hesitant because she isn’t ready for motherhood. Dev convinces her, and they both settle into happiness and believe that they could be expecting a child, whom they’ll call Disha which is which is a portmanteau of Dev and Aisha’s names.

Aisha suffers from Aisha suffers from a miscarriage and Dev’s mom blames Aisha. Aisha is humiliated and embarrassed and leaves Dev. The next day, Dev and his family attempt to get her back but she doesn’t return. She requests Dev to meet her in Kashmir if she truly loves him, but Dev doesn’t show up.

Seven years later, Aisha calls off her second wedding, as she’s still in love with Dev. She is faced with her dilemma and travels to Delhi. While traveling she encounters a woman named Anu and her daughter, Pulti and learns that Anu is the second wife of Dev. In the same train she also runs into Dev. She reflects on her relationship with Dev on the train journey. She also finds out that Pulti’s given name is Disha and is upset and scolds Dev for naming her that. Anu reveals that Pulti was not Dev’s daughter and was sired by Anu’s boyfriend. Dev lifted Pulti at the first time he saw her. Prior to marriage, he had one request: that she be called Disha.

The station of Dev is accessible by the train. When it is time to leave, Anu thanks Aisha for the gift she gave Dev and informs her that she’s sure that Aisha is Dev’s love and first wife. Dev embarks on the train however Anu insists Dev to confess to Aisha that he was planning to meet her that day in Kashmir but realized that she would not be content with him. He would like her to live happily and live her dream. His world is very different from hers. He says that this is why he was so hurried in their divorce proceedings and came across as a bad individual to her. He also told her that he’d a number of times read her book. They both hugged and cried together. She says that although their destinations are different, their love remains intact. Dev tells Aisha that they’ll wait until the next book she writes and that they’ll part ways to have two lives with two distinct destinies. Jalebi HD

Dev discovers the book of Aisha Jalebi one year later. It is an account of their romance.